Interesting facts about people who are deaf

Interesting Facts about People Who Are Deaf

There are a lot of interesting things that people should know about people who are deaf. In fact, some of the techniques they used to communicate with one another are used by normal people as well.

Lets start by saying that there are approximately 22 million people in the US who are deaf or who are suffering from deafness problems. It affects both men and women which include infants, children, adults and the elderly. While some were born with it, others lost their hearing later on in life.

In the field of sports, the huddle formation which is used in football was first invented by a liberal arts college for the deaf. This prevented other teams from listening in to what they are planning both during offense and defense.

As for those hand signals that you see in baseball, yes they too were invented by a deaf center fielder for the Cincinnati Reds, namely William Hoy.

Since it is hard for some people to transcribe what is being said, the shorthand was inv


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