Immigrants and converts responsible for muslim terror violence in the west

Immigrants and Converts responsible for Muslim Terror Violence in the West

Opposite to expectation, terrorists do not come from countries like Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Facts show that Muslim immigrants carry out 86% of all major terrorist attacks; converts to Islam execute the remaining violence. The West must draw the necessary conclusions.

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When we think of terrorist assaults, we visualize hate spitting imams or a serene Osama Bin Laden in front of us; we think of Palestine, Syria, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. However, as you will see below, this is a very wrong representation of the facts. Although the people and countries that are mentioned are pulling the strings, the real danger is coming from another side.

According to Robert S. Leiken’s "Bearers of Global Jihad? Immigration and National Security after 9/11", Muslim immigrants have carried out 86% of all major terrorist attacks; converts to Islam executed the remaining acts of violence. The Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 is the only exception. We can conclude that in our Western countries, jihad has grown mainly by way of Muslim immigration.

Two methods have been employed for the execution of violent acts against the West: "the sleeper cell" and the "hit squad".

Hit squads: these are foreign nationals who enter the country with a specific assignment, suc


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