Grass hopper it s your fault your internet marketing business is not working

Grass Hopper Its Your Fault Your Internet Marketing Business Is Not Working


Why the majority of Internet Marketers are failing? why the elite are raking in the money? how to fix this problem?

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Ok, You have heard of 1000s of people making money on the Internet, the so called Gurus are telling you, do this, do that, programmers are saying use this script and that script and webmasters are luring you into their E-zines, teasing you with a bit of information, bit of the truth, only to sell you more products.

MLM companies got hold of your email address and they are sending you emails to join their downlines, others are telling you forget all that and use Adwords or Adsense.

Hey what about the Blog Brothers who wanted you to cash in on the blog industry? RSSfeeders? Ipodcasters? Membership sites ? And the list goes on..

Hey this stuff costs money, only if you have a money tree in your back garden, giving you more money every morning you visit it, you would have bought them all. But thats not real, nobody has a money tree in their back garden, if you disagree please let me know where I can find one ?

The reality is different, newbies come in with brand spanking new credit card, fuelled wit


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