Grant money for small business

Grant Money for Small Business

Are you tired of the day-to-day grind of corporate environments? Are you thinking about starting your own small business but worried about where to get your start up capital? If so, consider how grant money for small business can help you along.

But first things first. Whats this youre hearing about free money scams? A lot of people are saying that theres no such thing as grant money for small business since government does not give away money so you can start your own for-profit business. In fact, government grants are often limited to community-based projects or those that would do the general public some good like research on a cure for cancer for instance, or something simpler like a street-paving project.

But to say that grant money for small business is nonexistent is a bit going over the top. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of funders out there, besides the government, that are willing to provide you with funds so long as your project or your idea fits their funding objectives. The only problem is that while grant money for small business is out there, especially from the government, theres often a lot of red tape involved. The key, therefore, is to remain dogged in your quest for seed money.

When it comes to grants, the first place that people often turn to is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, which is where all listings of government grants approved by Congress are announced. But the problem with this resource is that there are only very few grant money for small business programs available. And we all know that to increase our chances of getting grant money for small business, we need to increase the number of our resources as well. So, we cant just depend on only one resource, the CFDA, for your grant.

A variety of local sources may provide you with the grant money for small business you need. Heres all you need to know:

Dig Deep

Grant money for small business is often buried within other programs used as incentives to attract, retain, or grow small businesses such as enterprise and empowerment zones. As good starting points, consider incubators, universities, small business development centers, and business information centers, as well as your local chamber of commerce and professional organizations.

Consider Contracts

Government money can sometimes come in the form of contracts. If you can demonstrate that your company can execute a budget line item, if you can shape part of your idea to what the government wants done for a particular project say something educational or construction-oriented if you can fill a need, you can compete, says Francie Ward, CEO of the Business Owners Idea Caf at

Competitions Can Yield Cash

If your application for grant money for small business and presentation pass muster, there are organizations that will give you the cash you need. While its true that there are many grant opportunities out there, it doesnt mean that all of that will just somehow miraculously fall on your lap without you having to lift a single finger. The truth is you will need to worka lot. And you will need to shine. If you compete with other grant seekers, your chances of getting that grant money for small business will increase.


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