Conventional versus convection microwaves

Conventional Versus Convection Microwaves

Almost all of America’s kitchens today own a microwave, but if you are among the few who are still thinking of buying one, then you have to at least know what type would serve your purpose of buying one. There are a lot of brands in the market to choose from, each having varied designs and sizes. However, if you are still a novice, the first thing you should know about is the difference between conventional and convection microwaves.

Why do you want a microwave? If you just want to stuff your food into it and reheat, then a conventional microwave is the right one for you. It is capable of releasing microwaves that are being absorbed by the fats and sugars that are present in the food, therefore, heating your food up.

If you want a do-it-all kind of oven, then a convection microwave is the answer. It functions the same way as the conventional one, but with added perks. Not only would you be able to reheat or defrost your food, but you can also do some baking and cooking with it. It’s like having two cooking appliances in the price of one.

The difference lies in the way both of the ovens are built. Convection microwaves have built-in fans at their backs, which unfortunately, conventional ones lack of. The fan circulates the heat inside the oven, resulting to an even distribution of heat to the food.

In a conventional oven, the heat is blocked either by the pan or the pot that contains the food. Since the heat just moves in a one-dimensional direction, the parts of the food that are blocked by its container become undercooked.

A convection microwave does not only quicken your cooking time, it is also capable of thoroughly cooking your food at lower temperatures. You can save an estimated 20 minutes of your time if you cook your food inside a convection oven as compared to the food’s normal cooking time. Lesser cooking time translates to more efficiency and more energy saved!

Convection microwaves are more versatile because of the multiple options that it can provide its user. Multiple cooking options are available depending on your cooking needs. It can do everything that a conventional one does, and you can even just switch off the convection option if you just want the basic modes.

Majority of the households are already used to having a conventional microwave, as it does not fail to serve them its basic purpose of reheating and cooking food in one go. If you’re just starting to own a microwave, it will be no sweat to learn about how it works. Also, since you just have the common settings, a conventional oven is definitely cheaper as compared to a convection microwave.

At the end of the day, it still boils down to your personal preference when choosing among microwaves. Just make sure that when you buy a convection microwave, you’ll be able to use it fully. Otherwise, the hefty price tag will just be put to waste.


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