Continuing education and career

Continuing Education and Your Career

Do you ever feel like your career has stalled out? Do you see other people getting promoted while you’re always passed by?
Maybe continuing education can help you jump-start your career. By taking additional courses and investing time and energy
in your skills, you can show your employer how serious you are about your future.

One of the wonderful things about continuing education is that everyone can profit from it. Learning additional skills and
mastering new knowledge helps everyone. Employees who feel left behind in their careers can especially profit from learning
skills that will make them infinitely more "promotable." Upper management often looks at continuing education classes as a
sign that the employee is interested in his or her future.

So if you want to get your career moving, consider your continuing education options. First, analyze the state of your
career. What goals do you have for yourself? What do you hope to achieve during the next


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