Continue your education for nothing

Continue Your Education for Nothing!

You have thought about continuing education for awhile-either taking a few classes on web design at the local college or
going for the whole shebang and getting a Masters degree. However, you cannot imagine going for it and putting out the
money for the tuition. Lets face it: costs of continuing education are rising all of the time and its hard to keep up
with the costs and face your daily bills.

However, if you currently work for a company, there may be a way to get continuing education and get paid for it! Its
called tuition reimbursement and many companies know they must offer it to keep up in their respective industries and
attract (and retain) the best people for their companies.

Tuition reimbursement usually involves working for the company for a period of time first: either six months or a year
before youll qualify. Then, after you meet their initial qualifications, you can be reimb


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