Contextual networks

contextual networks

AdBull: Belly Fat / Fat Burning (Burn Fat or lose fat)

Bidvertiser: Fat Burning / Belly Fat 96 / 128 no sales on hold

Clicksor: Fat Burning waiting contact Shawn

ContextWeb: belly fat, stomach fat, tummy fat, abdominal fat 1,443 keywords emailed / called 11/23

Dynamic: Belly Fat 001 / Tummy Fat 001 / Flat Stomach 001 emailed / called 11/23

InfoLinks: flat belly, flat tummy, flat stomach, flat abs 565 words


Pulse 360: Flat Abs / Belly Fat <<<< CONTACT FORM wait until ads tested Expensive? Team of specialists create your campaign? <<<< Due to issues regarding offer legality, verification of claims, and ad quality, AdRoll’s inventory partners categorically reject all ads or offers pertaining to weight loss products or systems. Landing pages cannot generate a pop-up (including "pop-overs" and "pop-unders") when an end user enters or leaves the page. <<<< bad ssl certificate WAIT! Auction Site <<<< WAIT until ads are tested Text Banner Video Audio Animation Flash 2nd tier SE
AllFeeds GONE
MarketBanker GONE
AdHearus GONE
AffiliateSensor GONE
Kanoodle Bright Ads Pulse 360
TargetPoint GONE
Claxon Media Banners Banners
Clickcent GONE

AdBrite WAIT! Auction Site BANNERS Expensive? Team of specialists create your campaign?

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Is there any alternative to ADWords?

Magnetic – Harnessing the power of search outside the search engine. –
> major company have to contact them

Search Retargeting by Chango – Chango is a search retargeting … –
Fuor Digital – Fuor Digital is a digital media agency that can help you … –
Kontera – Kontera delivers In-Text advertising and relevant information … –


A list of 50 sites similar to:

Other Advertising Networks Besides Google AdSense



When do my ads start running?

Upon signing up an account with us, you can start creating your campaign(s). For all first campaigns, we will contact you within 72 business hours by phone to verify your account and campaign with us. All subsequent campaign(s) will be approved within 24 business hours without phone verification.

Your account(account id: 100-A-66343) has been created!

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Password: v5v7&mc
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Keyword Targeted Display! is pioneering keyword-targeted display advertising.

simpli.Enterprise Platform

Simply upload your keyword lists, CPC bids and associated ad tags or banners, and simpli.Search will deliver your banner ads to users who have searched on your keywords within the last day, week, or month.



pop ups on double underlined words

has a wordpress theme


Create and place your ads on thousands of relevant websites
Run your ad on our pay per click advertising network
and start receiving new targeted and easy-to-convert
prospects in less than 10 minutes:

  1. Browse our categorized directory of websites
  2. Select the appropriate ones for your business
  3. Choose your desired keywords
  4. Set your desired geographic targeting
  5. Create your text-ad or upload your banner
  6. Set budget and capping
  7. Your ad is up and running



We have 15 ad formats. Click here to view the ad formats…


5- Advertisers must place their text link ads under the proper category provided by BuiltinTEXT, which is related to such ads.

7- Advertiser agrees to be fair and respectful when rating and commenting on Partners with whom they have dealt

9- Anytime, advertiser can stop or cancelled the campains. In that case, advertiser will be charge only for the period that he was with BuiltinTEXT.

BuiltinTEXT ad prices?

Thank you for your interest! Our minimum bid is 0.10 cents. If you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How it Works     

BuiltinTEXT is a technology created and distributed by Management-Ware Solutions, developed to locate words and word phrases found within texts, and to link them to relevant commercial information.

Extraction: A typical analysis process begins by extracting all the relevant page content and attributes, including: text, HTML properties, location on page, URL, Title, Meta tags, custom meta tags, etc. Every such attribute conveys a specific weight to the algorithms that analyze the data.

Discovery: The extracted data is then scanned through the discovery process in relationship with the proprietary taxonomy and via a dynamic part-of-speech analysis to identify keyword relationships and significance.

Classification: The page and its best matching keywords are classified with their best matching topics. Both keywords and topics are then scored for relevancy.

Ranking: The resulting output of keywords and topics are then ranked, based not only on keyword and topic relevancy but on other parameters as well, such as topic and keyword conversion rate and click through rate, advertisement CTR and conversion, and potential revenue.













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